Monday, June 1, 2009

Papastrata Photo Link

From Miles Orchinik:

Hi TPJA families, I took some photos of the 6th grade performance of Papastrata andposted them to share with families and teachers. You can view them at[1] in the gallery called "TPA 6thgrade performance." The gallery should be at the top of the list. The SmugMug site is completely safe and won't bother you withadvertisements, emails, or pressure to buy prints. (That's why I useit.) They can send you nice prints for a good price though, if you'reinterested. I doubt that any of the photos are worthy of printslarger than 4 x 6", but if you want a larger digital image forprinting, I can either email it to you or upload it to SmugMug so theycan print it for you. I thought the kids had a great year in TPJA, thanks to the teachersand involvement of parents.
Have a good summer, all.
Thanks, Miles

ps. There are also a few shots from the class party in January in asmall gallery called something like 6th grade party.